Services Offered

1 hour session in quiet, downtown location in private, sanitary, supportive atmosphere. Includes breathing excercises, dietary recommendations, positive imagery, and gentle massage.

Package of 8 sessions available for a discounted price.

Colon Hydrotherapy Defined

Colon Gently filling the colon with warm Sterilized Filtered Water exercises and stimulates the muscles of the colon, and washes, soaks, and causes the loosening of this old hardened material in the colon walls. By stripping down the old toxins and mucus lining in the colon, we remove the number one source of disease in the body. In addition, we open up the colon to a more efficient means of waste elimination and nutrient absorption, both of which are essential to any lasting healing process.

It took time to pollute our bodies to the point of disease, so it will take time to reverse the process through a series of colon cleansings with Colon Hydrotherapy. I recommend six to ten colon hydrotherapy treatments in close succession.

It is recognized that a series of consistent treatments produce the best results. The body begins to remember, and retains the memory, changing the old patterns of constipation, that is usually caused by old traumas, or "unsafe" situations from our childhood. So the body can remember how to detoxify, heal, and maintain health if given the support on a more regular basis. It has been shown that consistent treatments for situational conditions as well as maintenance and prevention, save money and time.

It is significant that surgeons, physicians, and health care practitioners are beginning to understand the importance of colon care in the prevention of disease.

How to Improve the Function of Your Colon

Along with a thorough cleaning of your colon and as you are on your maintenance program:

  1. Drink water, half your weight in fluid ounces daily; not with meals, but either one to one and a half hours before meals or two hours after meals.
  2. Learn proper food combinations for your body. They should be fresh, organic, in season, from your local area.
  3. Reduce stress and tension by exercising and getting the proper amount of sleep. Take time in nature.
  4. Respond to your bowel needs promptly.

Some benefits that have been reported with colon cleansing are:


I, Francis Jansen, do not do any of the following things, either implied or intended:

  1. I do not diagnose.
  2. I make no claims or imply any claims that suggestions are given to cure any condition.
  3. I make no attempt to cure any condition
  4. I do not claim that supplemental material I may suggest will cure any condition, or that it’s purpose is to treat any condition
  5. I do not prescribe for, or treat disease.
My goal is to educate you about healthy body digestion, food absorbtion, proper and easy elimination and colon hygiene, and the power of healthy excersice and breath work.