Case Studies & Results



age 29, Schoolteacher

Loves sweets, constant abdomen cramps, bloating, constipation, gas and heartburn, acid reflux. Diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome, took prescribed laxatives. This increased her symptoms. I recommended 8 colon treatments and the Body Ecology Diet, by Donna Gates. After 2 weeks she started to have normal bowel movements and within 8 weeks had lost 15 pounds. Now her colon moves regularly, no more symptoms, has regained her vitality and feels great. She is staying on the diet.


age 26, Nurse

She came to me with an elevated liver panel, which she was very nervous about. I recommended a 5-day liver detox program with 3 colon treatments. After 2 weeks I recommended that she retake her liver panel and it came back normal.

Natalie S

age 50, Entrepreneur

Very thin, no energy, had lots of bloating and gas. Downward spiral of health, chronic constipation, taken laxatives since College, then enemas because her colon was very slow in moving. Ate sweets to assist when low in energy, which didn’t work. I recommended Candida free diet, with the Body Ecology Diet book to help her stay on track.
She had colon treatments regularly, especially as the Candida was clearing out. She now has normal regular bowel movements, she’s an avid yoga participant and looks and feels energized.


age 46, Contractor

Hadn’t worked in 5 months, constant pain in abdomen, severe acid reflux, no energy and bad eating habits. After 10 colon treatments with strict Candida free diet, he was pain free and within the first two weeks he had started back to work.
He followed the diet for another 8 weeks and lost 20 pounds and has regained his energy.


age 44, Performing Arts

Lots of stress, had very low energy, felt disoriented, lack of concentration.
After her initial colon therapy session, recommended Candida free diet, which she followed faithfully and had regular colon treatments till she was past the Candida die-off stage. She now does yoga regularly, swimming and has regained her sparkle and zest for life.


age 49

Menstrual cramps, PMS; She comes in twice a month to clean out, as she says that with colon therapy her monthly periods have become painless and normal.



Age 43

Lack of energy and wanted a clean out; I encouraged her after her initial colon treatment to do a 5 day liver detox.
She followed the program in detail, had 3 colon sessions, and now feels energized and turned on.