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About Francis Jansen

I am a certified colon hydro therapist, receiving my certification in 1988, with twenty years of experience with colon health, through cleansing, detox fasting and release work. I work with gentle respect and honoring of my clients and their needs.

You can call my office to discuss and plan what would serve you best to regain optimal colon health.

I look forward to working with you.

Francis Jansen Biography

Francis Jansen was born in 1946 in a small fishing village in the North of Holland. Her family emigrated to Australia when she was 6 years old, settling in Wollongong, N.S.W. Here she received her basic education and was highly trained in classical ballet and piano. The family relocated back to Europe in 1964. At 18 Francis trained as a laboratory technician and worked for 4 years for several doctors at a local hospital in Holland.

In 1967 Francis married a U.N. diplomat, and shortly after, they were stationed in Thailand for the next 6 years. Throughout these years Francis had the great opportunity to travel extensively throughout Asia and was exposed to extraordinary adventures in a country surrounded by war. During this time she adopted a son, Isha, performed as a singer, and was a guest lecturer at the University in Bangkok and Chieng Mai in dance and movement.

In 1977, while in the process of divorce Francis and her Son emigrated to America. After settling in Francis opened and operated a large natural fine foods restaurant for 10 years. Eventually the strenuous demands of the business compromised her health and well being which led to an in-depth exploration into the alternative healing arts, discovering ways to resolve her own health challenges. A major part of that exploration involved fasting, nutritional support and colon cleansing, in which she experienced first hand the powerful effects that this kind of internal body work has on health. This lead to certification in colon hydrotherapy in 1988.

Doing this work Francis gained powerful insights and became witness to the profound possibilities for shifts in old patterns and life changing healing. Also in 1988, feeling a strong pull towards creative expression, during a visit to a stone quarry Francis became strongly inspired to begin work carving monuments in stone.

Then a year later while exploring stone quarries in Carrerra Italy she came upon a large monumental stone that ultimately gave birth to her Monument to Forgiveness, standing 13 feet tall and weighing 12,000 lb.. Francis and her monument where profiled on CNN in 1994, while the monument stood in front of the Mission in Santa Barbara. Governor Wilson of California and Governor Miller of South Dakota wrote letters of appreciation for the monument and the distinction of it's message.

Many monuments in marble and bronze have followed, and continue to bring forth Francis's creative visioning as Grace in Stone.

Presently Francis balances her creative work in stone and bronze, along with her colon therapy practice. She continues her explorations of healing and health through body, mind, emotions and spirit.

In Francis's health supporting work, besides colon hydrotherapy, she also offers combination detox therapies, that include herbs, teas, tinctures and high nutritional supported programs, that she sponsors together with certified nutritionists in conjunction with colon treatments, taking cleansing and rejuvenation to a new level.