6 Reasons Why You Should Get a Colonic

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By Chloe Park on MindBodyGreen.com

Holy Holy! I just received the most amazing and deeply healing colonic from my friend, Suki Zoë. Colon Hydrotherapy aka Colonics aka sticking a tube up your bum. Why it’s important to clean, purify and purge your intestinal tract:

1.  Let’s say you’ve been on the planet for 30 years. That means you’re 30 years old and assuming you eat as part of being a human, there’s been food inside your body for every day you’ve since been breathing and alive. Let’s say you eat 2 meals a day x 365 days a year x 30 years. Let’s average to 2 meals a day after maybe being ill and skipping a few meals in life, being a baby and only having breast milk for the first few years, juice fasts, cleanses, whatever, etc etc. That comes to equal up to about 21,900 meals you’ve had in your system going through your digestive tract… Woah. That’s a lot. That’s a lot of work to do for the teeth, tongue, jaw, esophagus, stomach, large intestine, small intestine and anus. The act of “pooping” or “taking a sh*t” is actually quite a long process that has to move through different mechanisms of the body. A treatment to clear out any residue from these 21,000 meals might be a prudent thing to do.


2. Straight from Suki’s website, “Colonics are the gentle rinsing of the colon with warm water, to remove encrusted fecal matter, gas & mucus. This allows vital nutrients to be absorbed & leaves you feeling healthy & light. Colonics can also help re-tone & re-shape the colon. The ideal transit time of food through the body is 18-24 hours. On average in the UK it’s now 60 hours for men & 70 for women.”


Did you hear that? The constipated transit time is over double the ideal healthy rate! If you feel constipated and are not going to the loo as often as you should, it may not even be from your most recent meal, it could be the “encrusted fecal matter” from years and years ago that’s stuck somewhere inside the lining of your intestines. Get a colonic! Clean your insides!


3. Egyptian hieroglyphics, the Bible, and Himalayan yogis all document ways in which to clean the bowel. That’s right, they’ve been sticking contraptions up their booty since the 4th century BCE. It’s 2012 now, which means as an evolved species and race we theoretically should all be practicing these ways of cleansing and taking care of these vehicles we live in aka our bodies. Suki says, “As the years continue to pass – if the person still eats poorly, lives under emotional stress & in a spiritual vacuity, the body then gradually becomes overwhelmed by toxicity.” Ahhh! Toxicity?! Whatever we put into our system is supposed to come out. That’s why we have one hole up top and one hole at the bottom. Toxicity in our bodies? Sounds scary! Get it out!


4. And then it gets deeper… It doesn’t just have to do with the physical aspect of food. Colonics then can reach an even deeper layer of bodymind connections, emotional/mental baggage and energetic repatterning… I have a whole saga around my experience with Suki, but I’ll give you the short version. During colonics, warm water is softly shot up the bum and then gently released back out the bum to purge and purify the intestinal tract. My intestines were gripping onto the water. They wouldn’t release. I had to physical massage and coax my organs to let go of the water they were holding onto. WOAH. That means, I had a bodymind pattern to “seize and hold” vs. “let go and release.” And y’all are smart enough to know what that means, whatever the body is doing, the mind mirrors and vise versa. Was I conscious of this? No. Was my body reacting to an unconscious pattern? Yes. A deep energetic frequency in my body finally had the opportunity to rewire and reform into a new pattern of today vs. the history of yesterday. YES!


5. There are healers disguised as “blah blah blahs” out there in this world. They’re everywhere. They call themselves “Colonic Therapists”, “Massage Therapists”, “Yoga Teachers”, “CranioSacral Therapists”, and the list goes on, etc etc. Of course, not everyone is a “healer”. Is it ok that I use that word, healer? For some people it freaks them out—just want to be sure everyone’s clear on that word. I have a friend who says it best. He says healers can be categorized and held in two different containers. The first one holds the people who genuinely want to do good in the world to help others, so they do it- they do what they do and go about their business and purpose and THEN there are the “bonafide healers” who have simply been granted the gift to heal. Some people just have access to the gift—they have you know, “the touch.” And since we’re all yogis and conscious individuals and beings on the Path, we know that “dharma” isn’t just an aloof concept, but it actually is a grounded and embodied purpose of one’s own life.


6. And the last few bits of words on getting a colonic… For best results, do a juicecleanse 3 days before or if that sounds undoable, fresh veggies and fruits for meals. Oh and one more thing: relax your bum. Have fun! Om Shanti!

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